Static configuration for a Hemlock app is defined within the hemlock.Config struct.

    var Config = &hemlock.Config{
    	Name: hemlock.EnvOr("APP_NAME", "Hemlock"),
    	Env:  hemlock.EnvOr("APP_ENV", "production"),
    	URL:  hemlock.EnvOr("APP_URL", "localhost:9000"),
    	HTTP: &hemlock.HTTPConfig{
    		Host: hemlock.EnvOr("HOST", ""),
    		Port: hemlock.EnvOr("PORT", "9000"),
    	// Much more not shown...

    Extra Configuration

    There is also an optional Extras field for storing configuration not directly related to core Hemlock functionality. For example, plugins may require additional configuration.

    For example, an S3 file plugin may require AWS keys to be defined.

    var Config = &hemlock.Config{
    	// ... 
    	Extra: []interface{}{
    			AccessKeyID: hemlock.EnvOrPanic("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"),
    			AccessSecretKey: hemlock.EnvOrPanic("AWS_SECRET_KEY"),
    			Bucket: hemlock.EnvOrPanic("S3_BUCKET"),

    These extra configuration objects can be resolved from the IoC container like anything else.

    // Resolve config object from route
    router.Get("/", func(res h.Response, dc *s3plugin.Config) h.Result {
    // Resolve config directly from IoC container
    var dc s3plugin.Config